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The Technology and Innovation Council is PSC's principal arm for developing PSC’s positions and taking action on crosscutting technology issues from cybersecurity, and cloud computing to as-a-service acquisition and beyond. With technology issues increasingly permeating the professional services sector, the Technology and Innovation Council helps PSC members better navigate the market and policy landscape with reports and events such as the annual Federal CIO Survey and Tech Trends Conference. Download one pager to learn more.

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Executive Advisory Board
Greg Baroni
Partner, Chairman, and CEO
Attain Partners
Susan McHugh-Polley
Senior Strategic Advisor - Federal
World Wide Technology, Inc.
Scott Price
General Manager, National Security
Microsoft Corporation
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Member Spotlight
PSC Comments to GSA on inflation, supply chain, and pricing policies
On March 14, 2022, PSC responded to the GSA Ombudsman's questions about the impact of inflation on supply chains and the responsiveness of GSA's price adjustment policies. PSC based this feedback on input received from PSC member companies . For more info, please contact Stephanie Kostro at
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Stephanie Kostro
Executive Vice President, Policy
Christian Larsen
Sr. Associate, Public Policy

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