Market and Policy Briefing

The PSC Market and Policy Briefing is an in-depth presentation conducted with senior PSC executives who have decades of leadership and experience in the federal contracting and policy arenas. It addresses and analyzes agency and market-specific drivers relevant to your business. Topics covered include budget and appropriations, government-wide and agency- specific spending trends, critical policy changes impacting federal buying behavior, key questions and considerations for the future, and other important market drivers.
These briefings have limited space so register today!
Reasons for attending:

  • The Market and Policy Briefing is a hallmark benefit of PSC membership.
  • Member company executives highly rate the briefing for its unique melding of topics and the insights and perspectives it provides.
  • Many members find it valuable to help set the stage for internal strategic planning or to communicate market nuances to their team.
  • The briefing is a great opportunity for candid discussion with PSC leadership in an intimate setting—or to share across your company PSC’s extensive knowledge.

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