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Melissa Phillips

Senator Mark Warner Underscores to PSC Members the Urgent Need for Congress to Pass “Real Spending Bills” on Implementation

Arlington, Va. (March 5, 2024) On March 5, 2024, PSC hosted U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) at a fireside chat and Q&A session involving more than 150 members of the government contracting industry.  Topics included fiscal year 2024 funding, continuing resolutions, and possible foreign aid supplemental appropriations. 

“We are at a critical juncture, when Congress is deciding how to fund federal agencies for fiscal year 2024 while also beginning to consider the President’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2025,” said David J. Berteau, PSC’s President and CEO.  “Too often, the vital roles of government contractors do not get the attention they deserve.  Senator Warner’s insights and commentary offer promise and a path to incorporating industry’s concerns into Congressional action.”

“For months, I’ve been raising the alarm about the dangers a government shutdown poses to our economy and our workforce, particularly for federal workers and federal contractors,” said Senator Warner.  “I was glad to be able to discuss the urgent need to pass real spending bills ASAP and hear directly from federal contractors about how their lives and work would be interrupted if Congress fails to fund the government.”

Because Senator Warner serves as the Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, topics also included issues of high interest to the intelligence community and its government contracting partners.  Under his leadership, the contracting community has seen a reduction in the backlog of security clearances.

Noting how much PSC members appreciate the opportunity for candid discussion with the Senator, Mr. Berteau said, “PSC members employ hundreds of thousands of workers in all 50 states and around the world to help translate federal requirements into reality.  They are as committed to achieving U.S. national and economic security missions as government employees themselves. Productive dialogue between federal officials and those contractors that support federal missions is critical. This is true of executive branch engagement—and legislative branch as well.”


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