September 14, 2023

The end of the Fiscal Year is fast approaching, and PSC prognostications are not looking positive. With a government shutdown a real possibility, please be sure to log into to you PSC account and visit our Government Shutdown Resource Center which PSC has been updating regularly as October 1 approaches. As of this writing, only one bill has actually been passed by one of the chambers, with most of the rest only passed out of their respective committees of jurisdiction:

Speaking of fast-approaching dates, our eleventh Development Conference on November 9 is coming up sooner than you think. Thanks to all the input from members to dates as we lock in speakers from USAID, the Department of State and other development agencies and continuing crafting panels on Private Sector Engagement, the role of AI in Development and Diplomacy, and other topics key to our community. This event is the pinnacle of our efforts, and we look forward to seeing everyone there. Just a reminder that Early Bird Pricing ends October 20. Click here to register/sponsor and learn more.


I also wanted to flag the October 4 roll out of the second Benchmarking Race, Inclusion & Diversity in Global Engagement (Bridge) survey results. The survey helps track progress on DEI issues – where have companies been successful and where are they getting stuck. PSC/CIDC is proud to be a co-host of this virtual event. Please registerhere.


Just a reminder that there is NO SEPTEMBER CIDC MONTHLY meeting. Our next event will be here at PSC with Deb Broderick, the Deputy Director of USAID’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance, and Acting Procurement Executive on October 19Please contact me if your company is interested in sponsoring this event.


Our “From the Field” stories this month highlight the work by IBI to help streamline customs operations in the Philippines. ICF describes their efforts to improve the healthcare infrastructure in Liberia.


Please contact me to help us get the word out about the great work CIDC members are doing to make the world a better place.


Paul Foldi
Vice President, International Development Affairs


Next Up 


Thursday, October 19; from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. ET


Deborah Broderick
USAID/Bureau for Management
Deputy Director, Office of Acquisition & Assistance


PSC Office or Virtual

4401 Wilson Blvd. Suite 1110, Arlington, VA 22203

From the Field

IBI: Advancing Philippine Customs: e-Co, NSW, and ACDD Tutorials

The Bureau of Customs has partnered with the USAID ASEAN Policy Implementation (API) Project to present the features and benefits of the electronic certificate of origin (e-CO) and a step-by-step process for its application and approval process. The e-Co is an essential electronic document for traders, as it is a verified international trade document certifying an export obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed by a specific country. With the features of the e-CO, traders will now benefit from highly facilitated trade.

ICF-led IDDS expanded and upgraded the laboratory at G.W. Harley, Nimba county’s referral hospital. Photo by IDDS

Creating a Roadmap to Laboratory Sustainability in Liberia

By Ellen Munemo and Corinne McNichols, ICF


In 2020, USAID’s Infectious Disease Detection and Surveillance (IDDS) project set out to strengthen the national laboratory system across Liberia, employing a model that included renovation, equipment, technical assistance, and mentorship. The project started by tackling the problems at the county referral laboratory located at the G.W. Harley Hospital in Nimba County, which serves more than 200,000 people. In 2019, a laboratory assessment conducted by the Ministry of Health found that, because the hospital did not have sufficient space to accommodate basic laboratory equipment beyond microscopes, specimens had to be sent to the capital, Monrovia, for testing—about four and a half hours’ driving distance.

USAID Matters

USAID asked PSC to bring a CIDC delegation to meet with them to discuss Sustainable Development Goals – both progress and challenges – as they pertain to upcoming meeting of the UNGA. Thanks to all who were able to join in the discussion.  USAID sent a follow up note with a media tool kit for any members wishing to highlight the SDGs.

PSC Matters

PSC Speaks for the Federal Contracting Community

One of the core functions of PSC is to represent our members’ views when regulations are proposed by the federal government. As indicated below, our members have been giving us plenty of feedback just in the last few weeks on matters ranging from Tik Tok bans to extending OASIS+ (the latter of which was extended by more than a week from Sept 12th to 22nd). Please click the below links to read the full texts of our submissions.

Member News

Baris Yener joined Abt in September as Chief Growth Officer. He brings a wealth of experience in growth strategy, marketing, and organizational transformation from previous roles with ICF and Booz Allen Hamilton, among other companies.

After 25 years, CEO Chris Herst has stepped down, with four new Co-Chief Executives now in place -- Ricardo Michel, based in DC, Sinéad Magill and Jose Maria Ortiz in London, and Bernadette Howlett in Sydney.

After 17 years as CEO, including time on the CIDC EAB, Jonathan Darling has shifted to a Senior Advisor role with Ailea Sneller now taking the helm. PSC was happy to offer a celebratory mug to mark the occasion.