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Enabling the government to be a smarter buyer that successfully acquires the services and technology it needs is one of PSC's prime objectives. As the leading association of a diverse group of nearly 400 companies in the technology and professional services sector, PSC is uniquely positioned to engage with the government to improve acquisition outcomes, while remaining neutral about the technology and companies employed to complete the work. Fostering a competitive, fair, and transparent acquisition system is a vital interest of our member companies and a priority of PSC. Our members are small, mid-sized, and large businesses who employ hundreds of thousands of Americans in all 50 states and across the globe.

A full list of the member companies that PSC represents can be found here. View PSC's Annual Report here.

How We Can Help

PSC engages with the government in a variety of ways to help it be a smarter, more effective and efficient buyer. We have created a variety of tools that can be used to improve specific aspects of acquisitions. We conduct research about the current state of the acquisition system and the challenges the government workforce faces. We provide a safe and fair venue for government personnel to engage with industry.  We provide a unified industry view on many important procurements, and facilitate the government getting input directly from companies.  

PSC provides numerous opportunities for federal officials to engage with industry representatives and strives to be a valuable resource for our government colleagues. Among the ways we do so are: 

  • Sponsoring events throughout the year that bring together participants from government and industry, both as speakers and attendees, on a broad swath of pertinent policy and industrial base issues. These range from small, informal roundtable discussions on selected subjects to wide-ranging conferences with hundreds of participants. 
  • Serving as a consensus industry voice on major federal acquisitions and policy developments by collecting and coordinating input from contractors and convening industry day-style events. 
  • Providing feedback, formally and informally, on policy proposals that impact federal contractors, to stakeholders across government. 
  • Conducting surveys to better understand federal perspectives on market developments and policy trends, and to provide opportunities for face-to-face interaction between industry and government. 
  • Convening market-facing councils and agency-specific task forces that serve as neutral forums for roundtable-style discussion of major agency issues. 
  • Developing best practices and recommendations on cross-cutting acquisition and business policy issues via PSC’s policy-focused councils and committees. 

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